I have some BIG news to share! I am so pleased to announce that I will be releasing THREE more books with my brilliant publisher, Scholastic UK. Not only that, but the first book of those three will be a return to the world of The Goldfish Boy! The story is narrated by one of my favourite characters, Melody Bird. She discovers an abandoned house in the corner of a graveyard with a mysterious boy, Hal, hiding inside. Hal tells her that he is a spy on an undercover mission to survey a local criminal. However, Melody’s friends don’t believe that a teenager would be entrusted with a secret mission. Is Hal who he said he is or is there something else going on?

This book is called THE GRAVEYARD RIDDLE and it’s already available to pre-order in the UK right here.

You can read more about the announcement here in The Bookseller.