Ta-DAAAA! I am thrilled to reveal the cover of THE MYSTERY OF THE FOREVER WEEKEND which is coming to a bookshop near you on 11th April.
Have you ever had Déjà vu? Ever felt like you’re reliving the same moment? What if you had that horrible Sunday night feeling where you’re dreading your next day at school, but when you wake up, it’s Sunday again! And again… and again… and again… This is exactly what happens to Cory. He LOVES escaping his worries at school to start with, but soon wants to find a way to break the loop.
This book was a JOY to write and plot and there is a midway twist that I am extremely proud of. I can’t wait for you to read it!
The illustrations are by the brilliant Gemma Correll.
Pre-orders are VERY welcome and you can do so right here!  Or please do ask at your local bookshop🙏